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The Wink House is a community of small business owners under one roof who believe in community over competition. We built a community of small business owners to create a unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experience for local residents.

Our space is a place to gather for educational classes, seasonal markets, and a place to host social groups.

Our Story

The Wink House was created by the Winkler Family. After struggling with infertility Andrea learned how everyday toxins in our personal and household products affect our health. She started researching ingredients, holistic ways of living and started on a mission to educate others on living a less toxic lifestyle.

After finding it hard to find products in our local community that fit her new lifestyle, Andrea dreamt about creating a store for Peoria that offered safer, healthier products. Over the years her dream evolved.

Andrea loves to support local businesses and shop at the local markets. She wished that community feeling was more permanent. She set out to create a space for small businesses (and her own small business dream) to have permanent, easier access to the public and more healthier non-toxic products.

Andrea wants the customers to know when they shop The Wink House they are supporting several small business all while living/learning how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Andrea wouldn’t be able to create a community space without her family. Josh works for Caterpillar. Aleena is in 3rd grade. The Twinklers, Davis and Audra are in pre-k.  They are always her “why” from changing their lifestyle to opening a family business.

Our Mission

The Wink House mission is simple; we want to provide small business owners with the opportunity for a full-time, physical space to showcase their products, grow their business, and join a community of fellow small business owners who share the same goal. To give Peoria residents a more community-based shopping experience.

Our Vision

The Wink House will bring people together by offering a colorful, live out loud, inspiring place for Peoria shoppers to gather, support and shop local small businesses. We envision a sense of family among our vendors and customers. Everyone is welcome at The Wink House.

Our Core Values

The Wink House believes in promoting community over competition. We want all our vendors to cheer each other on and succeed.

It’s important for The Wink House to provide an environment where consumers know when they shop with us, they are getting only the safest, highest quality product options. We focus on healthy, feel-good product offerings.

The Wink House never carries any products with synthetic fragrances, artificial flavors or food dyes, hormone or endocrine disrupting ingredients. The Wink House offers only the better and best of products.

The Wink House strives to partner with small businesses that focus on eco-friendly, environmentally friendly products and packing. Our small businesses share the same value of wanting to help people live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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